Friday, June 25


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Feels like I've never really done anything for myself or my life. Even my friends care for me more than I really do and it all came through on my birthday. Touched to the point where I came to tears. Life always had me in a picture where I always wore a frown on my face when alone, even as I am now. I've always spoken and dreamt of happiness.. and with the weight of what words carry. Am I afraid of change?

Thursday, March 11

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peeling across the lands
leaving porous
grasping on the clutches of an
open sky

Wednesday, March 10

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there can be so much with the snap
of fingers; making an act of stroking
you make the kick,
& i do my best to avoid
just as we planned

Tuesday, March 9

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Can I have them on a list?
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love love love
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I'm in love with my own depressed state.

Monday, December 21

Wednesday, October 21

Wednesday, October 14

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Am I a person of bad/funny taste when I think that dazed covers always stuns me? I LOVE THIS, AND LILY, looking abso-gorg.

I'm also into music by MSTRKRFT, check it!

gagaga, gaga

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Right after Hussein Chalayan's collection, I haven't stopped thinking about pointy bra's and nipples.
I'm not a guy, but what can I say? It's time for the bare essentials.

GAGA and Hello Kitty