Monday, December 29

A load of crap.

(I sound like a loser when I say I miss painting with a real brush on canvas.)

Displace Me.

Scattered, splattered.

Garance Dore, gotta love her eye.

What I got for Christmas? Well I'm not bothered by my lack of materialistic possessions, (or what I should tell myself from time to time on the occasions when I fall into my own recession) because I've got the greatest person ever by my side. Not literally because, he's away serving time for the country, on this little dot called Singapore, which drags out throughout 2 years. (Yeah, fuckin retarded I say, and so does everyone else haha.)

Speaking about the recession, I hate it when magazines can't stop bringing it up and calling it 'recession wear'?

Major Ugh.

happy holidays, may 2009 bring all of you, in short, Happiness. :)

Monday, December 22

Sunday, December 21

Rock hard.

Vintage ring that I found for 4 (Singapore) dollars! And an unforgettable weekend at Pulau Ubin, a little island off our shores.

Accessories whore..

Thrifted rings, f21 bangles.

(Excuse the horrible leftover polish)
I love my fanged rings and the reason why I've got two is because I'm wearing them for the bf. I can't imagine how we've come this far, (we're 4/5 years old) but he's my best friend and the best person to get cuddly with. Haha, okay no more details! :)

Photogenic one, two, three!
Cotton on shirt, DIY skirt.

Friday, December 19

Can't get enough of this feather neck-piece from Topshop(?).

Thursday, December 18


The lavin x acne collection is up! Nothing special, but what I really liked was the soft and stretchy japanese denim used throughout the collection. Zips and contrasting buttons were applenty and a double breasted trench with strass buttons was an instant favourite. The only catch was the difference in colour of the denim in the shoot and of the garment itself; colours of the denim in the shoot did seem much more contrasting and blue.

Wednesday, December 17

Long drawn.

I lost a pair of incredibly versatile boots last year and until now, I'm still mourning over their 'death'. Details would be painful, but my love for boots flat and towering alike are far from staunched.


Acne boots

Three left, and 39's mocking me.

Gold teeth equivalent.

Minimalist Queen

I've come across Hannah Marshall quite a number of times as her name keeps popping up. If strong shoulders and a distinctive architectural approach on clothes still get you woozy with excitement, then her latest spring/summer collection, 'Power Architect' should get you to a whole new level of intoxication.

Tuesday, December 9

Camera shy or "blogger's pose"? I really need to come up with new ways to document my everyday put-together. One of the reasons why I started this blog was so that I could begin my dedication to fashion a step at a time - starting from living up to my dress expectations. I'm not afraid to say that I used to be that jeans and t-shirt everyday gal, till my darling friend (who still is) reminded me that I am what I wear. I love that my friends reiterate the reason for the saying, who am I without them?

Anyways, I never thought drop crotch pants could look good on me until I tried them on, out of curiousity. I ended up buying two different pairs, which I'm glad I did. I don't think they're a fad, cause they're interesting!

Saturday, December 6

The five inch stunner

The Ysl tribute two platform bootie. Seeing them everywhere just doesn't ease my restless soul one bit. Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, they might just come true and appear before my very eyes.

Let’s put a smile on that face!

Dazed & Confused

Friday, December 5

Hung up.

I've been piled with work! Chancing upon Ann Demeulemeester, I had to wonder how on earth it was pronounced right (I've had a bad reputation with pronounciations; I once said HERMS - Hermes very loudly regretted right away) as it did seem like a big word and it wouldn't be nice landing myself in such an embarrasing situation since I was in fashion school wouldn't it?

ANYway, Demeulemeester's drapes were refreshingly nice to the eyes and I couldn't resist thinking about how much I wanted to feel those fabrics. The loose, relaxed jacket was a nice touch for layering purposes and the use of crystals was a spot on, providing a softer alternative after so much love declaration for studds.

I almost forgot - it's pronounced Ahn Deh-MUH-le-mees-ter :))

Wednesday, December 3


Absolutely can't take my mind off these leggings from Margiela. My salivary glands are already overworking., Garance dore

Tuesday, December 2

Lets hope this works

And so the Bennu came into being by herself
sheathed in the gloss of Christain Louboutins
and the leathers of Rick Owens and Balenciaga
staring out at the parisian suburbs
sipping an iced latte

Haha, that was me trying to sound intense. I love fashion, I love this life long addiction.