Monday, March 30

A vintage ring I rediscovered. Apparently it costs 45bucks. This is a measure of how much of a splurge I am.. withdrawals rumbling about all day because I am out of a job.

Saturday, March 28


a gorgeous coat.
& love for Margiela goes on.

Day one shoot, over.

I know I was excited about how great the shots were but within and inside I felt no self-accomplishment. I know who I am and I'm not one to burst forth in enthusiastic bubbles of speech. Why should that demonstrate my ability to achieve heights?

School's out for now.
My heart feels no alleviation.

Wednesday, March 25

Some things last.

It is at this point of time in the night when I create contours in the bedsheets of my mind. There's no melodious sweet sounds to conquer, just static silence.

I've been in a beautiful love tangle for about 4 years now. I wish someone knew what I mean when, 'it's hard, it's a energy stripper'. And I will know my place in the world again when I cave into his arms, and within myself, a hollow, yawning gape ready to envelop anything he gives, and spill forth anything & everything within.

Tuesday, March 24

In the midst of tearing apart an old pair of jeans.

I've got a report to finish but..

that could wait.

Serious system failure indeed.

Lately I've been having a whole truck full of shitfun, and I'll be walking for my senior's graduation show, followed by styling a shoot alongside a friend I've come to be rather intimate with. Fact is I'm not too hyped about this show.