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Wednesday, April 15

Rick OW-ens. Seeing them literally gave me a sharp pain in the chest. I know black is the colour to steer away from seeing that my wardrobe is hopelessly so. That inward tilt of heel just makes me shiver. I think these might just be the new lust.

Some bad pictures taken by Zenn while sending him off to army camp. Sadface. My life is retarded without him around. It's like functioning without an arm!

Well there you go. I know I look stoned but this is as much visual pleasure I can provide. For now. ;)
LOVE magazine
Kate Moss
Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

Tuesday, April 14

UK Harper's Bazaar. That body suit is lovely..

I need a DSLR camera in my life. I really dislike low quality images. Although my love for film still remains, I'd love to be able to access my pictures right away. Oh well, I'll just have to add it to the neverending list of the things I need & want.
Today's skies are a beautiful shade of sapphire blue, blotched with fluffs. And so the sun sets again..

I'm really happy because I managed to complete a dress in a day for Audi Fashion Festival'09 Little Red Dress's Press Conference @ St. Regis Hotel, which I attended today. I've never felt motivation in such concentrations before! But I'm glad I did. "The Little Red Dress" is part of the annual Singapore fashion festival, also known as Audi Fashion Festival. It's a movement by the Singapore Heart Foundation where several designers create a red dress for charity, which is then put up for auctions. I'm representing Blackmarket, one of the participating brands, along with a close friend. It's hush-hush, but we're planning a collab which will hopefully take shape by this month.

(!!! :D)

And I'm also having another photoshoot next week for the 2 red dresses mentioned, one by me and Aaron, and the other by me. Expect some saucy action.

Shots by Michele Yong. Styled by both Aaron and I again. Am I alone when I say that Nataliya, the model, has amazing features?

Thursday, April 9

Pictures from Nina Ricci fall 09 backstage. I'm already missing Oliver, but I know that all things grow, and I'll be awaiting his time of bloom.

Wednesday, April 8

Ever so in love.

Kept busy in school during the hols aren't fun but I love making things. Me and my friend are 40% done with the red dress and I can't wait to see it and barbie it up. Some exhilarating moments await.

Gareth Pugh and Katie Shillingford will be coming to Singapore for the Annual Fashion Festival and I'm just as stoked. Booked tickets right away. I'm wondering what I should wear...

& again, the YSL Tributes.

Sunday, April 5

I can't believe I didn't scream.

This could be the greatest thing that's happened to me. And just when I was flipping through melancholic events, though I'm just being negative as usual..

Updates in a week because I can't spoil all the fun! Promise!

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Wednesday, April 1

It sounds cliche to say, but I chanced upon this a second time on Facehunter and I couldn't help but burn this into blogspot memory. The best part is, I live in Singapore. (And I'm obsessing over coats. If you don't already know, you could break sweat any second in my country.)