Sunday, May 31


Until next week. <3 Will miss that boy. And of course, your expected slutty picture from the shoot. :)

Friday, May 29

Roisin Murphy in the latest issue of vanidad madrid. Those Mcqueen boots are the most coolest shoes I've ever seen. Weird that no one seems to follow the same brainwave but at least roisin murphy does. She's got taste ;)

I'll be shooting all my work (or at least memorable work, I remember none of my work in second year) tomorrow, good luck to me!

Tuesday, May 26

I'm back early from school! (8.48pm)

Friday, May 22

I just wanted to share my awe and respect for Oliver once again. Hoping to hear from you soon!!

Monday, May 18

Another recently completed project! 'Exploded flares' pants in off-white. Pay no attention to the name, I just made them up. The exaggerated shape and the tappered cuff is just crazy, more pictures when I get them back after submitting!

And these Nylon nikes, the result of a collab between Nylon mag and Nike, are so delicious! I wonder if it's just that shade of green because I just bought the exact colour of fabric for another personal project, and also because they're the first pair of nike dunks I've ever owned. Here's testimony to quitting the addiction of an all black wardrobe.
Another thing, to anyone who (even) reads this, does anyone know where I can get a pair of those hyped Emma Cook boots for Topshop in Peach? I'm a size 40. They've been running through my mind....
Exclusive shots of Gareth Pugh backstage at the Audi fashion festival in Singapore, shot by Matthew Stone.

Who did you expect?
All images from H&M fall/winter 09 lookbook.

Sunday, May 17

I'm drawn to pale clothes and immaculate drapery.. this dress from lavin spring 09 is perfect for me. Lately I've been wearing the same dress every weekend. It's hard to fret over my rack on weekends, I just wanna head out and soak in the sun! Enough of being prisoned in my school studio for the whole week..

Images from style, acne

Wednesday, May 6

It's gonna be hell.. I'll be rushing a dress for the next evening. I'll be attending Gareth's latest runway collection in person! I'm so excited but I'm praying everything goes as planned.. :)

I've been busy with gorgeous over here.. I love the way her arms flutter about and the natural sheen she has about her...

Sunday, May 3

Shoot of the 'Starguide' dress, made by Aaron and Clarion

The shots are out(finally)! From the large mass of images, 3 of which were decided on.. The shoot at the beach didn't work out as well as we thought and in additional salt to the wound, my topshop wedges got scratched by the rocks.

But this picture, my favourite of the three, just makes my mind wander to certain depths.. being at the scene sure wasn't any better, I was so uneasy and squirmish! Though I really love that purple light landing exotically on the creases of the dress that Aaron and I made. (Just wish to reinforce it one more time. Ok.)

To view the two other selected shots, please ask nicely!
And... finally, crew! Everyone was incredibly awesome, the models contributing to a large part of 'awesome'. They were so painfully hilarious, in a good way. :)

Vision One

While spending what little time we had till Zenn booked in, he took this to add to his photo album. Guys in army need a little 'motivation' till the weekend..

I'm looking forward to a haircut.

I know there hasn't been much said on this "blog" but I'll be naive. This was a photo of the Red dress press conference shot by a fellow blogger whose blog I unknowingly chanced upon tonight.